Sunday, 28 August 2016

My award system for struggling writers

Writing not going well? You need to step back and take a new perspective of what you can and have already achieved.

Friday, 26 August 2016

To do list for Bank Holiday weekend

1. Finish reading and write review for The WynderMyre Memoirs
2. Final check and edit for 'The secret of all creation'. Then submit!
3. Sort out press release for 'My Wings be Forgotten'
4. Get back to 'The Last Titan' and make some actual progress.

There, that should be plenty!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Proof I have been writing. The Last Titan is on its way!

Hi everybody.

Sorry I've been in hiding for a while. Here I am!

A little taster of Book 4 in my Forgotten Wings series.


.......... Despite myself, despite willing to ignore everything that was happening to me my steps faltered and I had to pause to gain control.

Atomic laughed. “Oh that is pathetic.”

While I stood there catching my breath she raised one foot up in the air and stamped into onto the ground. A shock wave formed around her and spread outward. I could see the ring expanding toward me, in the earth and in the air.  Was this effect pure magic or was it something physical she had caused to happen? If it was magic then maybe, maybe, I could withstand it. If it was physical …

It hit me hard, sending me into the air, tumbling over and over. I think I might have blacked out for an instant but no longer because I was still off the ground and spinning when my senses came back to me. I grabbed at me belly with one hand: “Sorry, baby, sorry ….” And then I hit the lake and plunged under.

The water felt cold and I turned over in confusion. Which way was up?

“Mistress!” Cassandra called through the bond.

“Mistress!” Catherine echoed.

I was in the water, I was on the battlefield. I was in Angel’s Keep. All at the same time. I was getting inputs from my bondswomen and it was mixing in with my magic, becoming a vision all of itself.
I spun and spun. Which way was up? Was I in the water or on the field? Was I in a room? Every direction was a fantasy window on the  world beyond the water.

Atomic stood victorious at the head of her fallen goddess foe, her eyes towards the lake where I had disappeared. There she was, after giving me the equivalent of a little prod with her foot, victorious and gloating. Magnificent and indestructible.  

Which way is up?

Kashi was with Giulia as she lay on the birthing bed.

“Don’t leave us.” Catherine called to me.

Casandra followed with, “Get out of the water.”

Yes, but which way is up?

And Giulia shouted at Catherine. “What’s happening? What’s happening?”

“Mistress?” Cassandra called. The crowd was silent, holding its breath.

Yes. Hold your breath. Which way is up?

And watched by Catherine Giulia pulled herself up and grabbed Kashi’s arm. “Help her.”

“I can’t. I won’t.”

“Don’t lie to me. I know who you are. I figured it out. Help her you … you … bitch!”

And Kashi looked down at my wife. “I can’t interfere to save her. It wouldn’t be right, child.” She put a hand gently on Giulia’s shoulder and then she turned to look straight into Catherine’s eyes; and in that way, straight into mine. “But I suppose I can stop interfering in the way I have been.” She raised her hands and it was as if time itself suddenly stood to attention, an ever faithful hound ready to obey her command. “Behold.”

And my visions splintered, the bonds chocked on the magic that burst forth. Heavenly trumpets blasted out. The world beat in rhythm and I heard it sing. I heard the Earth sing. Of course! Of course!  I knew that song and I knew what it meant. Glory be to Mother. Oh glory be! Glory be!

Glory be, you utter, absolute, sneaky, lying Bitch!

Now, which way is up? I spun one more time and figured it out. Well, enough of this. Time to kill a goddess.........